Painkillers are not or no longer of question and you are searching for a possibility to decrease your osteoarthritis related pain and extend the life span of your own natural joint?

  • Our patients usually search for an alternative to painkiller-medication and / or surgery and come to Crespine Gel.

  • The physician injects Crespine Gel during one treatment into the joint gap. The pain reducing effect lasts up to 9 months (depending on the individual situation and the stage of the disease).

  • Many patients recommend us because they are happy and satisfied with the results.

  • If all conditions are met (indication confirmed by the physician, no inflammation at the time of injection), you too can benefit from the Crespine Gel Effect.

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This is what our patients say:

‘Some time ago, knee problems were subject to friends. Almost everyone had a comment on this topic. One person in the group described a hyaluronic acid treatment with Crespine Gel in which only one syringe was necessary in the knee joint. Unfortunately, my right knee (osteoarthritis) was hurting, so that I even could no longer walk with the dog. I remembered the conversations around the Crespine Gel, and as the orthopaedist specialist suggested a hyaluronic treatment, I mentioned Crespine Gel. He did not know the product. I gave him a flyer and he was excited by the product, mainly because just one syringe is needed for the wholte treatment. I was also very enthusiastic. Shortly after the syringe was set, the pain decreased noticeably …… Stair climbing is mostly possible without pain again. Sometimes I even forget the arthritis in the knee and my dog is delighted ……. I can walk with him again. A big thank you to those who have developed this product !!!’

Hildesuse Gaese-Steinhauer

7 facts about Crespine Gel

  • An essential component of Crespine Gel is a high-purity, stabilized hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of natural, healthy synovial fluid. This protects the joint by its properties to bind water and distribute itself like a lubricant on the cartilage. This effect is lost in osteoarthritis and inflammatory processes in the joint due to a lack of natural hyaluronic acid. The administration of Crespine Gel is therefore useful in many cases
  • Thanks to special manufacturing processes, Crespine Gel has a very high degree of purity and very high stability. Crespine gel is injected as a gel implant. Under pressure, it can be easily administered through a thin needle and returns to its stable shape in the joint. The preservation of the natural joint can be prolonged in many cases with Crespine Gel.
  • The hyaluronic acid in Crespine Gel is of biofermentative origin and thus particularly compatible.
  • The cross-linking of hyaluronic acid in Crespine Gel leads to a viscous gel and this is longer lasting in the joint. Crosslinked hyaluronic acid is well tolerated if the joint is free of inflammation at the time of treatment and the patient is in a generally good state of health.
  • The natural, shock-absorbing function of the synovial fluid is best restored by the gel implant Crespine Gel.
  • Crespine Gel is a high quality product made entirely in Germany (made in Germany).

For whom has Crespine Gel been developed?

Crespine Gel is designed for osteoarthritis patients seeking to inhibit pain and slow down / stop the progression of the disease.

What does Crespine Gel do?

Crespine Gel is administered by an experienced physician directly into the joint space. The stable hyaluronic acid contained in the syringe passes directly to the place in the joint where the pain originates and lies there protectively over the cartilage to protect it from further abrasion. The soothing effect on the joint makes movement more enjoyable again.

Who can inject Crespine Gel?

Crespine Gel must be injected by an experienced physician (orthopedic and / or sports physician). Only an experienced physician can give you information about your personal situation and whether hyaluronic acid is a promising treatment option in your case. He can also inform you in advance about necessary clarifications.

The injection is repeated at regular intervals. In early stages (grade 1-2), the effect lasts about 9 months. In individual cases, longer treatment successes are also reported. Refreshing the treatment before the recurrence of pain is useful.

healthy joint


treated joint

An early diagnosis of joint pain helps to gain valuable and pleasant time with the natural joint with Crespine Gel.

If you are affected by osteoarthritis and can enjoy exercise after taking Crespine Gel again, we have achieved our goal.

The Crespine Gel syringe is available in 2 versions:

composition of Crespine Gel:
1 ml CRESPINE GEL contains:
1,0 mg  – hyaluronic acid
14,0 mg – hyaluronic acid, cross linked
6,9 mg – sodium chloride
1,0 ml – water for injection ad

pharmacy central number in Germany for Crespine Gel: 08509223

composition of Crespine Gel +:
1 ml CRESPINE GEL +  contains:
1,0 mg – hyaluronic acid
14,0 mg – hyaluronic acid, cross linked
6,9 mg – sodium chloride
1,0 ml – water for injection ad
 3,0 mg – prilocaine

pharmacy central number in Germany for Crespine Gel +: 08509246

If you are affected by osteoarthritis and can enjoy exercise after taking Crespine Gel again, we have achieved our goal.

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