The Golden Rule –

dealing with all people as we would wish to be treated ourselves – is our maxim. That’s why we spent a long time researching before choosing to commercialize Crespine Gel. After many positive feedback from patients, we are sure that we like to stand behind Crespine Gel.

We believe that a person’s inner attitude can do a lot and open many ways! Without pain, a person can think much better and “navigate” through his life! In Crespine Gel we see the opportunity for many people to find their way back into a pain-free life and to recharge the other parameters of their lives with zest for life and energy.

We do not advertise aggressively because we do not like to be bombarded with advertising, and believe that a good product should persist on the market, also through recommendation and real conviction in its effect.

It is important to us that a good product comes together with the right patients and physicians. Only if all parameters are correct, a good result comes out. For this reason, we are happy to connect you with physicians in your area who are familiar with Crespine Gel and are experienced users.

It is also important to us that you make the best choice for your individual situation together with an experienced physician. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of the physician rather once too much than once too little.

We think that getting orientation for patients with stabbing pain caused by osteoarthritis is sometimes difficult due to a flood of information from different places. We have created an osteoarthritis guide to help you get started.

In many countries, our partners are ready for you and we are constantly expanding our service to other regions of the world. Feel free to contact us if we can assist you beyond the information on this website.

We wish you a painless time!