Osteoarthritis: stopping joint degeneration and pain with Crespine Gel – made in Germany

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Osteoarthritis Help

directly at the affected spot

Saving of time

rapid single injection (has to be performed by experienced physician)

highest quality

from Germany

Without prescription

Crespine Gel is available without prescription in Germany – in our webshop or in a wide range of pharmacies

increase the lifetime of your joint

counteract joint degeneration and stop pain

participating in everyday life despite osteoarthritis

What do our clients say?

ʻSome time ago, knee problems were subject to friends. Almost everyone had a comment on this topic. One person in the group described a hyaluronic acid treatment with Crespine Gel in which only one syringe was necessary in the knee joint. Unfortunately, my right knee (osteoarthritis) was hurting, so that I even could no longer walk with the dog. I remembered the conversations around the Crespine Gel, and as the orthopaedist specialist suggested a hyaluronic treatment, I mentioned Crespine Gel. He did not know the product. I gave him a flyer and he was excited by the product, mainly because just one syringe is needed for the wholte treatment. I was also very enthusiastic. Shortly after the syringe was set, the pain decreased noticeably …… Stair climbing is mostly possible without pain again. Sometimes I even forget the arthritis in the knee and my dog is delighted ……. I can walk with him again. A big thank you to those who have developed this product !!!’

Hildesuse Gaese-Steinhauer

ʻI am 70 years old and am suffering from osteoarthritis in both knees. Only six months ago, I had a serious spine surgery, therefore I do not want a knee surgery yet. I was introduced to Crespine Gel in a TV broadcast and discussed it with my medical practitioner. One of my knees was injected and I experienced a significant improvement the next day although the evening after the treatment was painful. I certainly need a second injection as the the degree of osteoarthritis is far advanced. My aim is to also have an injection into the second knee to avoid a surgery for the moment.’

Monika Potratz
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Participate in life despite osteoarthritis thanks to Crespine Gel.

Crespine Gel counteracts joint degeneration. By lubricating the cartilage, the pain subsides and the head becomes free again for the care of other, important areas of life.